Unlocking the potential of social impact investment in the developing world

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Global health and nutrition
  • Financial inclusion and economic development, particularly for women
  • Market-based delivery approaches


Develop strategies and design and launch successful structures and operating models.  Sample experience includes:

  • Re-launched a public-private partnership to increase women's access to mobile phone services, refining the strategy and strengthening delivery and advocacy capacity  
  • Designed and launched a public-private partnership to pilot a drug safety innovation for a consortium of pharmaceutical companies, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and academia
  • Designed and launched a World Food Program-hosted partnership to end child undernutrition.  Advised on strategy, governance, pilots, knowledge sharing and resource mobilization, and created a toolkit for best practice nutrition program design and delivery
  • Delivered a strategy review of an mHealth advocacy and capacity-building partnership.

Multi-stakeholder partnerships

Investors (corporate and philanthropic foundations, impact investors, bi- and multi-lateral donors)

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Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other service delivery organizations

Refresh organization and program strategies, develop innovative approaches, design programs and improve their organizational effectiveness.  Sample experience includes:

  • Designed and launched implementation of a transformation strategy for a $30 million non-profit organization addressing hunger and poverty reduction in the developing world
  • Developed a 3-year strategy for a $19 million NGO delivering psychosocial and economic development support to women in global conflict zones
  • Designed and launched an innovation grants program to generate and share lessons on how to serve women with mobile phone services
  • Designed and implemented a design challenge to create awareness of user experience design principles for mobile for development.

Design or refresh portfolio strategies, assess programs and build partnerships and approaches for financing, promoting, delivering and measuring impact.  Sample experience includes:

  • Designed a 5-year HIV/AIDS strategy and grant lifecycle approach for a pharmaceutical company's charitable foundation

  • Designed the water, sanitation and hygiene portfolio strategy for a philanthropic foundation

  • Designed a mining company's community investment strategy, featuring access to finance and agricultural extension services 

  • Helped design the portfolio strategy for a neglected tropic disease for a philanthropic foundation

  • Strengthened the results frameworks, government engagement and supply chain strategies for a $6 million child diarrhea management grant and a $45 million prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV grant.

  • Performed due diligence and strengthened design of an investment in the late-stage development of a point-of-care diagnostic device and a peer-to-peer advocacy initiative to end malaria-related deaths.


Enable the design and marketing of needs-based products and services for low-income consumer segments, creating dual commercial and social value.  Sample experience includes:

  • Advised mobile phone operators on how to tailor services and marketing to attract new, low-income women consumers 
  • Captured insights about potential base-of-the-pyramid women consumers of mobile financial services for a financial services company.

We offer a suite of social impact consulting services, including strategy design or refresh, program and portfolio design and review, organizational effectiveness and strategic communications.  Scroll down to see the types and examples of services we provide clients, including investors (foundations, impact investors and donors), partnerships, NGOs and corporations.

  • Use of mobile and other technologies for development
  • Data-driven research design and analysis
  • Strategic communications and advocacy
  • Partnership development
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Product and integrated service design based on consumer insights and user experience