We are a mission-driven strategy consulting practice which partners with clients who aspire to make the world a better place.  By strengthening the design and delivery of approaches to development international development, we aim to inspire change within our clients' organizations, and through them, to create impact for millions of people in the developing world. 

Our mission

Unlocking the potential of social impact investment in the developing world

The team

Beth Gertz, Managing Director

Beth founded Seven Hills to offer clients her years of experience consulting and implementing strategies for government, companies and development organizations across four continents.  Having worked as a strategy consultant and hands-on implementer in a variety of institutional and cultural contexts, she specializes in designing and delivering pragmatic, actionable strategies, while building and inspiring diverse teams and partnerships.

Seven Hills Advisors associates

We're always on the lookout for partners to join our work.  Please contact us if you are a development professional interested in joining client consulting projects, or a strategy consultant interested in entering the social impact sector.

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Our approach

We tailor our approach to the unique needs of each client engagement.  In general, we aim to apply the data-driven analysis and structured communications of top-tier, private sector strategy consultancies, while offering the collaborative, flexible and pragmatic approaches needed to translate strategy into action.

Inspiration for Seven Hills

Ancient Rome is famously known as the City of Seven Hills. Over the centuries, dozens of other great cities also have been built on seven hills. Amman, Athens, Barcelona, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Kampala, Moscow, Mumbai, Prague and San Francisco are but a few.

A Chicago native now based in London, Beth holds an MBA from The Kellogg School of Management and a BA in history and political science from Northwestern University. She has lived or worked substantively in Ghana, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, the United Kingdom, the U.S. and Zimbabwe. She has work and travel experience in 30+ additional countries.

Beth’s experience as a leader within social impact organizations provides a pragmatic lens to her consulting services.  As a Global Portfolio Manager with               The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, she helped shape social investments and support grantees delivering health programs in Africa and India. As Director of the GSMA mWomen public-private partnership, she updated the strategy, designed innovative business strategies for mobile operators and NGOs to serve women with mobile, developed a platform to generate and share insights from these projects, and built a team to deliver the program.

Beth's consulting career largely has been with The Boston Consulting Group, serving corporate, government and non-profit clients in the U.S., Southeast Asia and Europe, as part of the healthcare, financial services and social impact practice areas. She also has helped launch a corporate social responsibility consultancy and worked with several firms serving U.S. government clients.

Seven Hills Advisors are inspired by the rich diversity of the people we meet in the cities and villages around the globe, as well as their tireless journeys to achieve this shared vision for the future.

The differences amongst these cities are vast; their arts, cultures, languages, and political and economic systems vary widely. And yet they share a common foundation of seven hills. We like to think that their inhabitants also share a common vision of peace, prosperity, freedom and equality for their families and communities.